2007 Ford Ranger

Heater problem
2007 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 51000 miles

Apparently I have either a bad air blend control door or an bad air blend control door actuator. I have heat no matter where I set the dial, either hot or cold. No ac except on max ac b/c that setting does not use the air blend control door.
From reserch it looks like this is a widespread problem.
What are the chances of getting Ford to stand behind this repair, I have the standard 3 yr 36xxx mile waranty.
How can I tell if it is the door or the actuator?
January 23, 2010.

Because there have been no TSB's or recalls, chances are slim that they will do anything. If you call the district rep from Ford, tell them you got the truck new and you are a long time owner of Fords, they may be willing to pick up part of the tab.

As far as checking it, you need to basically watch to see if it is working. It is located near the heater core.