2005 Ford Ranger

Brakes problem
2005 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 40000 miles

I just put rotors, pads and bearings in the front of this ranger and it is doing some funcky stuff. When I start it, the brakes are hard and the abs light is on. I drive it and the brakes then become normal and the light shuts off. After just a little while the abs light will come on and the brakes will feel normal. However, if I were to shut the truck off and start it up again, then it does the same thing. It will do this over and over again.
Richard brinson
October 10, 2008.

You had none of this before the bake job was done?
Recheck the work u did inspect and check if caliper hoses routed correctly
check ABS sensors
check new rotor s if different in any little way or shape from the old ones
scan ABS system for codes

Oct 11, 2008.