1997 Ford Ranger

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

My ranger has an annoying habit of failing to start. It does this on a seemingly random basis. Regardless of how long I drive or how long it sits, sometimes it just cranks (at a normal speed), but won't start. When it does run it performs well with no loss of fuel economy or power. I have performed koeo and koer diagnostics and all sensors check OK save for a P1443 evaporative purge canister valve circuit fault. Would that cause a no start condition? Or would this problem be a failure of the fuel injection or ignition system failing to initialize?
September 9, 2009.

Next time it refuses to start do below to determine if its fuel or spark problem.

Disconnect a sparkplug wire or 2 and ground it to the engine -have helper crank engine over-do you have a snapping blue spark? If so-you have a fuel related problem, check the fuel pressure to rule out the fuel filter/fuel pump/pressure regulator and listen to the injector/s are they pulsing or hook up a noid light. No snapping blue spark continue to troubleshoot the ignition system-power input to the coil/coil packs, coil's resistances, cap and rotor /distributor pick-up coil, ignition control module, ECM, Ignitor cam and crank sensors- Note: If it doesn't apply disregard it

Sep 9, 2009.