1997 Ford Ranger

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1997 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 110000 miles

I just replaced the heater control valve in my 97 ranger and decided to flush the coolant system while I was at it. After everything was said and done, the check engine light came on due to a misfire in the first cylinder. I decided to change the spark plugs and wires since they were very old. Unfortunately that did not solve the problem. I still had the misfire and white smoke was coming from the tailpipe. Excessive condensation was dripping from the tailpipe and I suspected that it was coolant. I think the head gasket is blown and coolant is shorting out the plug but I want a second opinion before I tear it apart. Do you think the misfire and smoke could be from something other than coolant leaking into the cylinder?
June 12, 2009.

Hi yes you are right coolant is leaking into the cylinder and causeing a miss and smoke.

Now rather it is a gasket or a crack in the cyl head you won, t know until you remove the head.

Good luck billymac

Jun 15, 2009.