1992 Ford Ranger

Brakes problem
1992 Ford Ranger 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

i can not get the brake fluid to go past the dual solenoid electro-hydraulic valve. I've been told that this can be re-set and hardly ever goes bad. My brake pedal is like a rock weather the engine is running or not. I hope that I am calling this part the right name. I've also been told its called a proportional valve. This part is by the drivers side front tire on the inside of the frame. The rear brake line runs thru it connecting on both sides. I've tried resetting it by pumping the brakes and sticking a rod in the left side hole that has a little rubber cap on it. But I cannot feel a reset button. Hope you can help me with my problem.

July 17, 2009.

Check for binding or obstruction in pedal linkage. Check for poor booster assist.

With engine stopped, remove all vacuum in system by pumping brake pedal several times. Push pedal down as far as it will go. If pedal moves downward slowly, hydraulic system is leaking. Check hydraulic system for leaks.
With pedal pushed down as far as it will go, start engine. If pedal moves downward, vacuum system is okay. If pedal does not change position, a problem exists in vacuum system. Check vacuum system for leaks.

Is it the ABS unit
start bleeding at the master cylinder
pressure should open it it up

Jul 17, 2009.
Ok, I pumped the brakes several times then held the brake pedal down and there was no change so the hydraulic system is ok. I then held the brake pedal down as far as it would go, started the engine and the brake pedal went down some so that tells me that I have no vaccum leaks. The master brake cylinder has no way of bleeding. It's the most plain jane one I've ever seen. The front brakes bleed just fine, however I still can't get any brake fluid past the electro-hydraulic switch. Does this switch need to be re-set electronically?

Jul 18, 2009.
Master cylinder bleeding

wrap a cloth around brake lines to absorb escaping brake fluid.
Push brake pedal down slowly, forcing air out.
With pedal fully depressed, tighten fittings to prevent air from being sucked into master cylinder when pedal is released. Release pedal.
Loosen fitting, and repeat procedure until air is completely purged from master cylinder. When all air has escaped, tighten fittings with pedal down. Release pedal and depress again

Have to make sure fluid is getting to the switch unit you are talking about
pressure should open it and allows the fluid to flow to the rear

Jul 18, 2009.
The fluids are getting to the switch, but are still not passing thru it. I've been told by several people that this switch has to be re-set. However, i'm not a mechanic and cannot figure out how this is done. I've been told to pump the brakes and hold them to the floor. Take off the little rubber cap and shove a rod into it hitting a re-set switch but I feel nothing inside of it at all. The hole is very tiny and I cannot see inside of it.

Jul 19, 2009.