00' XLT 4X4

2000 Ford Ranger

I have a 2000 Ranger XLT with 87000 miles on it. My truck was recently involved in a minor accident. It has since been repaired. It ran fine before this. When I start my truck and place it in drive and take my foot off the brake, it doesnt roll foward slowly like a vehicle normally should. When driving it seems like its taking too much power to go as fast as I am. I have checked my E-brake and its not on/stuck. Also when I drive for 10+ minutes and I get out I smell something like its burning. I have checked all fluids and all are full, although I do not know how to check the oil to see if its good/bad. However after I have been driving my truck for a little bit it wil roll foward after removing my foot from the brake while in drive. It has the same problems in R/1/2/D. It recently sat for 3 months in Alaska, with tempatures as low as -25. I have also burned almost 1/2 a tank of gas on 65 miles. Any ideas, or anything I could check myself?

March 23, 2006.

Sounds like your first suspicion. I'd bet the brakes are dragging. Feel the wheels after a drive. I'll bet at least 1 is hotter than hell.

Good hunting and let us know. : )

Mar 25, 2006.
I have a 90 ford mustang 5.0 and I cant get spark I changed the icm, cap, and rotor. The coil is new

Mar 26, 2006.
Agreed with peppermj check your front calipers for drag they wil rust and not slide freely

Mar 26, 2006.