Ford Probe

This morning I was on my way to take my son to school so I went out to start my car this morning and I tried 7-10 times to turn it over. The lights and the chime of the key in ignition was there… but the car would not turn over so I came back in the house and tried again in 20 minutes and the car started up. : Shock:

Can u please help me out?

Why my car would not start after all the tries and then after waiting 20 minutes the car starts up?

I have a 1989 Ford Probe Turbo GT

I do not know the Engine Size. I have a 5 speed
and the mileage on the car=1426140
May 10, 2007.

For a start go out and grab the positve cable at the battery and give it a godd wiggle to se if it moves at all, the n do the negative. IS there any play or any corrosion?

I did the cables they were fine but then I took off the covers off the battery and all were down which I filled all.
I had to have my Brakes done yesterday=175.00…………………And then I had ask for an estimate of the Fuel Pump and he gave me an estimate of 130.00=labor if I took the part in which is 135.00

Does that sound correct? Again thank you for the suggestion of under the hood because I would not have checked the water in battery.

Let’s hope that helps

Happy Mothers day to all

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

May 13, 2007.
Prices don't sound bad, Why replace the pump?