Ford Probe

My 1989 Ford Probe 4 cylinder with 183K miles appears to have oil in the coolant. There is no evidence of coolant in the oil. An analysis of the exhaust shows a clean burn. There is a leak that appears in the vicinity of the connection of the lower hose to the block after the engine cools but not when it is hot. I am loosing a quart of oil every 1500 miles with no evidence of burning or leaking other than the oily coolant leak. Is there a place where the oil and coolant passages are in close proximity and could crossover? When running, the oil runs at a higher pressure than the coolant but when shut off the oil pressure drops to zero and the coolant stays pressurized until cool down. Wouldn’t this cause a reverse flow?
Kurt bechle
July 21, 2007.

Does your car have an oil cooler? These are the most commonn place to get oil in the coolant. If not then it could have a bad head/head gasket causing it or worst case a cracked block

Jul 22, 2007.