Ford Probe

I have a 1993 ford probe with a 6 cylinder engine and 5 speed transmission, it has about 100,000 miles! When im at a stop or turning a curve my car seems to stall out very bad, but it wont stall out if I have a full tank of gas but as soon as it starts to get to a half of tank of gas it will start to stall! The stall is very bad and I have no clue what the problem could be? The motor will completly cut off if I dont pump the accelerator! Please help me ive been trying to figure out what it could be for the longest time and I cant even drive the car if its below a half of tank! Ive also tried the fuel injector cleaner and stp gas treatment! But no help
October 8, 2006.

Sounds like the fuel pump is bad.

Oct 20, 2006.