93 GT, 2.5 LITRE, 6 CYL, 90,000 MIL

1993 Ford Probe

My car will idle perfectly, but after it warms up and I step on the gas, it will totally bog down and die. I cannot drive it anywhere. I have replaced the distributor, plugs, & fuel filter. The engine vacuum is 19. We have checked the timing and fuel pressure. Are there 2 fuel filters? We have spark, but cannot rev the engine, it dies.

What is the problem? This is driving us crazy. Help.
Thank you.
May 19, 2007.

You probably need to get it scanned for trouble codes. It might be the Mass Air Flow Sensor or Throttle Position Sensor. You can take it to an Autozone store and they'll check for trouble codes for free.

May 21, 2007.