1997 Ford Probe

I own a 1997 Ford Probe that has 86,000 miles. Great shape. I have noticed in the recent past that after pulling up and stopping, the belt squeals for about 60 seconds until I build a good amount of speed, and then it stops. While the belt is squealing, the battery amp reader drops very low but then rises again when the squealing stops. This morning while driving to work, the squealing was present but then it stopped altogether and my temperature gauge was maxed out for the duration of the drive and the battery amp reader registered very low, almost zero. When I was almost to work, the defroster stopped working, the dash lights and headlights went dim, the speedometer as well as the RPM gauge stopped working and the stereo stopped working. When I finally parked the car, the lights would not turn back on and the engine wouldn't start, it made the tpyical dead battery noise. Is my alternator gone bad or is my problem worse perhaps?
December 22, 2006.

Mystery will be solved when you look under the hood to find that the serpentine belt is gone. That belt was telling you it had a problem and broke. Check that one out. It explains all of your problems.

Bruce Hunt
Dec 22, 2006.
Thanks, I did that when daylight broke and found the broken belt, I never knew it had two belts beneath the hood, one is obviously still good, the other is obviously bad. Mystery solved.

Dec 22, 2006.