GT V6 2.5L 160K MILES

1993 Ford Probe

I had contamination in my system about two months ago so I replaced my 4 calipers along with the 4 rubber hoses goin to each caliperand the abs unit. And ever since then my pedal would never come back to the top u would have to pull it the rest of the way up with ur foot. Then someone told me to replace the master and slave cylinder so I did and it is still the same, so if anyone has any ideas it would help out extremly.
March 26, 2007.

If you did not replace ALL hydrualic parts when contaminated. You re contaminated the new parts!
The propper proceedure is remove all rubber seals and hoses, flush with alcohol, replace parts, fill with brake fluid and bleed!

Mar 26, 2007.