1989 Ford Probe

If you could fix this, your a god. I have had to change the distrib, and coil 3 times and the fuel mod. Every thing ran fine till now, the oil guage will drop to 0 and goes back to norm. Then back to 0 and the temp will flux a bit and the rpm will goto 0 then flux as well, the car drives fine for a bit then dies and wont start like as if no spark. I let it sit or keep starting it and it will start but die or start, seem to run fine then it does it all over again. The last 3 times this happend I chaged the distrib. And seem to fix. Is it my distrib. Again or is it something eles like a oil pump or sending unit? (Also it is all digital dash) HELP!

March 31, 2006.

I need to know in plain terms what the Probe is or is not doing at this moment. Also the mileage and engine type would be helpful.

Mar 31, 2006.