1995 Ford Other

How expensive is it to repair the exhaust system yourself and what parts are needed for the repair?
July 11, 2006.

Exhaust systems can be a pain because of rusted parts which most of the time are torched off by the muffler shops. Unless you've got a lift, it's one of those jobs best left to the muffler shop, it's one thing I would never do, plus the muffler is warranted for life so at least you've never got to pay for the muffler again, they'll get you with the other parts, what's a system from the converter back cost, maybe 150 installed? Am I in the ballpark? Around here Cole Muffler is the price leader

Jul 11, 2006.
Never talk of repairs when there are new products in the market. I would advise you to always consider replacement with new ones. Repairs may seem easy to go with, but the fact is that they are expensive. What you will spend on cumulative repairs is more than what you will spend on buying new exhaust systems to take you for a long long time thereafter.

Feb 15, 2013.