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Thanks for reading and helping me in advance.

Car is '99 Escort ZX2, 2.0l, DOHC, 5spd (cool edition). Essentially, my sister drove the car somewhere, turned it off, went to leave and crank but car spins over. There is no fuel and spark.

What I have done thus far:

1. New coilpack
2. New spark plugs
3. New wires
4. New fuel pump assembly
5. New battery
6. Checked all fuses and replaced questionable ones
7. New PCM
8. New ignition lock cylinder assembly
9. Visually verified that the timing belt is ok and turning both cam gears.
10. Checked inertia switch in trunk, even trip it and pressed it back in.

I can rule out the fuel pump relay since it's in the PCM (and that was replaced).

Before I replaced the ignition switch assembly, when you would turn the key in the " on" position (but not trying to start) the tachometer would bounce up and down. All electrical devices (blower motor, radio) work ok when the key is in the " on" position. One thing that I have noticed is that the relays in the PCM do this erratic ticking (I know relays are supposed to tick but this doesn't sound right) when the key is in the " on" position.

PLEASE help!

thanks again

July 7, 2006.

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