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My air conditiong really smells and blows some kind of like smoke but does not smell burning. Has a anti freeze smell. Leaking really bad underneath car and looked in the hood no engine coolant at all. Before all of this the car got some kind of fishy smell the liquid that leaks smells like dead fish. What is going on?[/B]
September 4, 2006.

It could verywell be a dead mouse inside the freshair box. The other smell could also be your heater core needs replaceing and that is steam you see. In any case the box has to come out to do this so what ever is in there can be cleaned out : x

Sep 6, 2006.
Last reply is on the the right track about both problems you might want to check the carpet on the passenger side floor you will have to remove kick panel and pull up carpet look for damp carpet and padding (if Damp spray with half cup water and half cup clorox ) to check for dead animal try removing blower (Evap) under dash turn on truck then turn on blower to locate should be 6---5/16" screws pull down may be tricky take a flashlight and a womens compact mirror and look around before you close spray with same bleach and water mixture if not problem try to find out if you have a fresh air filter much like your a/c at home this filters outside air try replacing this bout 4-6 dollars
let me know what you find there are a couple more things you try

Sep 21, 2006.