1930 Ford Other

Dear car pro could I put this engine on my 1994 f150 302 efi auto I dont know what a fox body is and if my oil pan is the same the enigne is a Ford Racing 302ci / 345hp GT-40 Aluminum Head Engine Ford Racing hydraulic roller camshaft Valve lift is.480'' on both intake and exhaust. Duration at.050'' is 224° on both intake and exhaust.
This engine has a rear sump Fox style 5qt oil pan and pickup serpentine style water pump timing chain cover 4-bolt harmonic damper and valve covers this is all the info on this enigne will it drop in easy can I keep my transmision or should I buy a new one or just rebiuld mine bottom line what is the easyist way for me to get a faster truck rebiuld or crate
5.0 302
April 26, 2006.

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