2001 Ford Other

Hi, Recently, my 2001 ford ZX2, 70,000 miles, 100% stock, has had a problem with the headlights - It will flicker and my entire set of headlights, dash lights, and even A/C area lights will go out, but if you jiggle the healight/washer stick a little, everything comes back on - However, it only does this when I go from brights to my normal lights, but not from normal to high beams. When it does it, there is usually no warning, so we could go around a corner and crash, or get screwed by a cop. So as you can imagine, I need to fix this! Wiring is NOT my forte, so would anyone have any ideas?

Much Appreciated! Thanks!
February 8, 2006.

Either the head light switch or the multi function switch is shorting out.

Feb 8, 2006.
Hmmm. Might there be a way to figure out which it might be? Also, Is there a way to fix it at home? Or will I have to get it professionally done? I've heard this sort of problem costs BIG $$$$$!

UPDATE - The problem is now MUCH worse, I only have headlights if I hold the light switch back in the Bright position. I need a solution soon! Thanks for all your help everyone, especially chevy350guy

Feb 10, 2006.