2004 Ford Mustang

I have a 2004 Ford Mustang GT with 82000 miles. While excelerating to enter the interstate, the engine backfired then shut off. Car would not restart. After farther observation, I noticed the crank pulley wobbling. It's a plate bolted to the pulley. I guess this has to do with the timing. I lined the arrow on the plate with the notch on the pulley. The car started. But now it misfires. Service engine light is on. I tried to advance the timing. It still misfires. What do you think is the problem? Also what is the torque specs on the crankshaft pulley?
October 24, 2006.

You need to take some time to ensure that the crank and cam are aligned so the timing is correct.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 24, 2006.
2004 Ford Mustang GT 82000 miles. Crank and cam are lined up. Code reader says multi cylinder misfire. Has a speeda crankshaft position wheel. The Bolt backed off the crankshaft position wheel. Engine backfired and shut down. After lining the wheel backon the pulley, car starts but misfires. Replaced the spark plugs. It runs better but still misfires. Cleared the check engine light but It came back on. Is there a pin or something on the crankshaft position wheel to ensure proper positioning? Car sick I'm sick. Help

Oct 27, 2006.