2005 Ford Focus

Brakes problem
2005 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 20,000 miles

How do I adjust the rear brake on a Ford fucus
April 6, 2008.

Your car can have a drum or disc brakes, with disc drakes there is no adjustment. with drum brakes there is a adjustment that can be made. Did you put new brakes on? The adjusting screw is on the bottom. This picture is not exactly like the ones on your car but show where the adjuster would be.

Apr 7, 2008.

What this means is use a brake adjusting gauge set it to the drums inner diameter, then fit it over the shoes and pull shoes apart to get a snug fitting drum, then follow the directions above...if you dont have the tool, trial and error will have to do! Use a flat blade screwdriver to help closing the shoes together if you need to...Pry at "3" This will push the ratchet mech away and allow the shoes to close up...

Apr 7, 2008.