1991 Ford Festiva

Electrical problem
1991 Ford Festiva 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

I was beginning my drive to work (30 mile trip) and I smelled a wire burning smell about 5 minutes into my trip. The car started up great like it does everyday. At about 10 minutes into my trip, the 'charge' light came on and all my lights started pulsing dim-and-bright. As long as I kept the RPMs up, the car otherwise performed normally, with headlights on and radio playing. When I went to stop, though, it threatened to die and I had to keep the gas pedal down to keep it running. I got to work and after I parked, I turned the car off. I immediately went to turn it back on, and nothing happened. No lights, no radio, no buzzing, no sounds, nothing at all. I got a ride to an autoparts place and I got a replacement battery. After installing it, I got the same result of absolutely no response when I put the key in and turn. I checked all the fuses under the steering wheel and they look fine. What's the deal?
April 5, 2008.

Do you see all the lights that normally comes On? If not check below

Inspect and test all the fusible links and also the ignition switch then comeback

Apr 5, 2008.