1995 Ford F-350

Transmission problem
1995 Ford F350 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 153000 miles

I have an issue. The truck has a 12 inch lift. It has never shifted this way before until now. I t will shift perfect into2nd gear. Then the rpm's will rise to 4000, then shift real hard into 3rd gear. Everything else runs great. Any ideas?
July 31, 2008.

What tranny do u have in it
possible shifter solenoid
scan for codes will hell
check tranny fluid
check vacuum lines for leaks and throttle cable and links
good luck

Jul 31, 2008.
I have reading up on this in the reapir manual I have. What do you think of the EEC. Since the EEC calculates speed and load conditions, then commands the actuators within the transmission to intiate shift. I have a 3 speed with overdrive transmission. Like I said the transmission shifts only hard in 3rd gear. I will check the vacuum modulator.

Jul 31, 2008.