1992 Ford F-250

Transmission problem
1992 Ford F250 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 209, 00 miles

I recently got a 92 Ford F-250 on trade, and later found the transmission slips after being driven for awhile. When I first get into it and the transmission is cold it will shift just fine. Doesn't slip once even when I get on the throttle, and it kicks down into passing gear. The problem comes after I drive it any distance like 20 miles or so. Thats when after I come to a stop it won't move not even in reverse gear. I noticed if I let it sit for awhile the transmission is fine, and shifts good. I have checked the trans fluid, and it ok. Even smells ok. No leaks coming from the pan either. I'm thinking a trans rebuild? If it slips then shouldn't it slip all the time even when it's cold? I don't wnt to have to put out money having it rebuilt and later finding out that wasn't the problem. Thanks
March 2, 2010.

What if 4x4 is on? If gear shifter is put in the 1 or 2nd position and manually shifted does vehicle shift? Does it act as if its in neutral or does the engien seem to have load on it?

Mar 2, 2010.
It isn't a 4x4 but 2 wheel drive. When I gopt the truck the former owner told me his son had to fix the shifter, and when you started out you had to put it into Drive 1 and then when it gets going to shift it up into drive. When I come to a stop I have to drop it down again to 1, and then back up to drive. I just took it for a drive and drove 5 miles to a store. When I stopped in the parking lot I tested it out by dropping it down to 1, but it wouldn't go. I finally dropped it into low, and got it moving. When I came back out of the store after about 20 minutes, it ran ok. And yes, it does act like it's in neutral when it acts up. Sometimes I can reave up the engine, and it will slip into gear.
A friend says to check the transmission sensor. Sensor? What, and where is that?

Mar 2, 2010.
Sounds like you need the transmission shift solenoids serviced to make sure that they are actually shifting the vehicle. They could be getting warm and the shift solenoids not working so the vehicle wont move at all.

Your friend could be talking vehicle speed sensor or transmission range sensor.

Mar 4, 2010.