Ford F-150

I have 1997 ford F150 with approx 180,000 miles. It started cutting out, I started looking for the reason why and I found several small holes on the top of the gas tank. I replaced the gas tank and both fuel filters but the truck will not start at all. I checked I am getting fuel up to the motor.I have been 2 weeks checking and replacing parts. Any suggestions also need info on timing
November 19, 2006.

My mother has a 99 f-150 hers just died one day and never started back up, turns out she has a short in her wiring for her injectors. You might wanna check and see if your getting spark check your fuel pressure and also check if your injectors are getting a pulse.

Nov 19, 2006.
Put a test light on the injectors while you are trying to start it and it should pulse. If that's the case, make sure you have spark and compression. Try running a fuel pressure as well as a compression test. It could be that you don't have sufficient fuel pressure. Fuel injected engines need a lot of pressure to run.

Nov 19, 2006.