Ford F-150

I have a 1997 V8 4.6L ford f150 supercab truck. I am changing the coolant and plan to remove the thermostat so I can flush out the coolant in the engine. Does this thermostat use a gasket or an " O" ring? If an " O" ring is used should I replace it with a new one when I put the thermostat back in or will the old one still seal properly?

Thank you
January 6, 2007.

Whether or not it has a gasket or an o-ring, you should replace it. I believe your vehicle has an o-ring. Good luck.

Jan 7, 2007.
Clean off any left over gasket material from the area, something like gasket scraping tool or putty knife to do this. Install the thermostat into the thermostat housing. When installing the thermostat, be sure the portion taht contains the wax pellet is facing into the engine.

* buy the new thermostat before removing the old one, that could also answer to your : ) question.

Jan 7, 2007.
I have the same truck it usesan o ring. You dont need to replace it unless it is worn out or torn.

Mar 2, 2012.