Ford F-150

Ford F 150 Custom 1981 125,000

Starter and Fly Wheel stay engaged after engine starts; Replaced starter and got same results. How sensitive are the teeth on the fly wheel? I noticed some knics and small scrapes on the teeth where the starter motor mounts. Can I remove the starter again and file the teeth? Is there any other electronic or electrical components in that loop that may be the culprit? The relay switch & the small box on the left side wall underneath the relay switch are relatively new. The other bigger grey box mounted on the right hand side I guess is the " brain" and has not been touched. I don't want to keep hanging parts. What do you guys think?
March 12, 2006.

How did this all start?
Replaced the starter with what? New, yours rebuilt, a different rebuilt unit. Did you have any shims and did you replace them?
Is yours a solenoid type. If so I'd check the solenoid. Are the flywheel bolts tight?

Unlikely to have 2 bendix/starter drive bad in a row.

Good luck and let us know. : )

Mar 12, 2006.
Ford F150 Custom 1981 125,000

This all started every once in a while the starter stayed engaged & disengaging when postive cable wiggled or removed from the battery. Actually this is my second new starter fro Advanced Auto Parts. Yes it is a solenoid type. Really unsure about shims, Is that like the gasket or something different? Fly wheel bolts are tight.

Mar 13, 2006.
Shims are just spacers that adjust the contact between the starter gear and the ring gear. Not very common nowadays.

You say that the two gears will disengage if the battery cable is wiggled or disconnected?

You could have a bad ignition switch. If it does not spring back it will keep the starter gear engaged. How is the lock cylinder? Is it tight or sloppy and loose? If it does not spring back the ignition switch won't.

You could also have the battery cable touching the small terminal on the solenoid. This would not let the solenoid retract.

Good hunting. Let us know.

Mar 14, 2006.