Ford F-150

I have a 1987 F-150 with about 230k on it. It runs great when it starts, but that's the problem. I have been having an intermittent starting issue for a while and after replacing several parts I cant put a finger on it. My truck will not start if I turn it off and try to start it again within at least two hours of when it was turned off. I was already told it was an engine compression issue but I havent gotten around to testing it. I think its more along the lines of a fuel pressure issue. I do hear the fuel pump when I turn the key so I'm not positive if its the pump but it could be the pressure sensor. The only time it does start back up is when I fill up both tanks with gas. If I fill up part of one tank it usually wont which is why I think its a fuel issue. Can anyone lead me in the right direction so I dont put my money into the wrong places?
July 5, 2006.

Anyone? Im sure someone knows at least more than I do

Jul 10, 2006.