Ford F-150

I have a 2000 SEL ford Windstar with 151500Km, s and have a power steering problem. When turning there is a constant squealing or screeching noise coming out of the front end. Even when sitting still you can hear a constant whine which sounds very much like a pump problem. Sitting still and turning the wheel really makes a very loud sound. Any suggestions as to what I, m facing here in terms of repair. Thank you
Archie MacDougall
August 14, 2006.

A couple thoughts: Is the fluid low, is the fluid dirty? Fords can have a whiny sound to them that is not abnormal to develop. The reservior surrounds the pump, so if the pump leaks, it leaks back into the system.

Low fluid will cause cavitation and cause damage.

I have had some luck with additive made by lucas products that has helped. You may want to put an inline filer into the system (and change the fluid if the fluid is dirty) as well, they are cheap.

Tie rod ends dry up and make noise also, and cause the pump to work harder. Tie rod ends $25.00 ea, Cardone replacement new pump $175.00.

Aug 14, 2006.
Cardone new pump? Isn't cardone a remanufactured pump : Didn't know they had a new line : shock: Tie rod end Squeak can be remedied by pircing the boots of the tie rod ends and lubricating. This isn't a permanent fix but can extend the life considerably.