89 F150 STRAIT 6 FUEL PUMP ??????

1989 Ford F-150

I have been told that I have 3 fuel pumps. One in each of the two tanks and one that rests directly behind the fuel filter. Truck starts " sometimes" and when it is not starting the fule pressure reads zero for both tanks. What are the odds it is the outer needing replaced against bothe inners gone bad?
July 29, 2006.

I would be curious if there is power getting to them. IF there is a fuel pump relay, swap it with another one that is the same and see if she goes.

It looks like your EEC Module sends a signal to activate your fuel relay. This fuel relay controls power to all three pumps. I would agree with the last poster that the relay is the best place to begin.
If that does not fix it, then get beside the pumps and see if one or all of the pumps are running. The pumps in the tank will only run the one in the tank selected. The selection switch powers the gauges and the pump for the tank selected.
It shows a VIP Self Test Connector that would allow you to check for power to the relay if the relay doesnt fix it.
Good luck

Jul 29, 2006.