Ford F-150

Hello, my truck is a 1998 ford xlt f-150 ext cab, the motor is a 4.6L triton/V8. Mileage is 198,000km
The problem just started today. When I start the truck it starts and runs fine, but all the dash lights begin to flash, the instrument panel, the light switch panel, the heater/ac panel, the auto door lock switches and window switches on both doors as well as the left/right front signal lights and the back tail lights. They flash 30 times then pause, flash again 30 times and pause, then flash 30 times and stop flashing. When they are flashing you hear a clicking sound. This also happen if you turn the key to the run position. If I start the truck with the command start everything is fine until I put the key in the ignition and turn it to run.
February 11, 2007.


Feb 20, 2007.
For the heck of it, try a different key. May be anti-theft related.