1997 Ford F-150

My truck has problems starting in the morning. It just started when temps dropped below 70 degrees. I have to hold the accelorator down, then when I back up it usually dies as soon as I brake and shift to drive. After I start it the second time and go down the road, everything seems to be okay. This only happens in the mornings or if it has been setting all day and it is cold outside. I have only had the truck since July, so I don't know the history of the truck starting in colder temps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am about to take it to the shop and would like to have some idea what to expect.

November 15, 2006.

I would consider looking at the idle pickup motor. It is a small electric motor that picks up the engine speed on the Fords to make the engine rpm raise when the temps cool of and when the a/c kicks in on idle, etc.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 15, 2006.