Ford F-150

Hello. I have a normally well running 1995 Ford F-150, with 6cyl. And 5speed manual transmission. The other day when I tried to start it all it did was click, I then tried to jump it and when that didn't work I jumped the starter switch/relay/solenoid? Small circle up by the battery then my truck began to start itself when I turned the key it finished cranking and ran fine, replaced this part(solenoid) and now it still clicks when I try to start it, jumped it again and it worked again could it be the battery cables from the battery to the solenoid.
July 25, 2006.

Ever clean all the cables anfd wires involved? Could be corrosion within the insulation, try a thorough cleaning first before replacing any. Check tightness

Jul 25, 2006.
There is a lead that goes bad at the starter motor, May need a starter at this point if that was the initial problem.

I had the same problem with my Ford E150 4.9 I6 automatic van. Click buzz, then nothing. After $150 in tow ing costs, and after $250 for a new starter, it did the same thing. After replacing the starter : ( the mechanic suggested that I could start it with a screwdriver across the solenoid. So when it click buzzed again, I wondered if it was the neutral switch, because I had put a new one in 6 months before. So I put it into neutral gear and it started! Now I just move the gear shift lever around or put it into nuetral and it will start whenever it click buzzes. : ) Could be a short in the nuetral switch, if your manual transmission has one. ; )

Jul 29, 2006.