Ford F-150

1986 Ford F-150 w/175,000 miles. The brakes have recently started making a noise like air escaping. Any time you depress the brake pedal, a hissing moise is heard. It continues for as long as your foot is depressing the pedal (until you depress the pedal as far as it will go). The master cylinder level is good and there are no obvious fluid leaks anywhere.
November 27, 2006.

Have you checked the brake pads to see if they are wearing down and this sound is coming from the wear indicator that is supposed to screech to warn of low brake pad?

Bruce Hunt
Nov 27, 2006.
I have a similar prob. 2003 Ford Escape, approx 135,000 miles. I recently had the brake pads and rotor pads changed. Master Cylinder is not leaking. When I press the break pedal, the air noise stops, let off, it's back again. Seems louder to me recently. It's been a few days. Was wondering if Skully 57 ever figured out what it was? Thanks

Jun 6, 2007.