2007 Ford F-150

Engine Performance problem
2007 Ford F-150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 53189 miles

Hi Guys,
I have been fighting this for 2 months now. My Mechanic & 2 Ford Service writers do not know what to make of it.

So far I have heard of several people having similar issues but no one has posted any updates for what the fix was.

Once warm, The Engine will buck or hesitate, usually when maintaining cruising speed or sitting at a light in Drive. When out of gear it idles Smoothly, When accelerating it is smooth and after the initial moment has a lot of power.

Once in September I had a message come up on the com that said " Running at reduced power", Everything seemed normal and It quit a minute later and never happened again.

I have had the injectors cleaned, Changed the fuel filter, Air Filter, Ran 2 tanks of high Octane all to no avail.

Scan showed that 1 cylinder ran hot 1 time, but no other codes.

Any Ideas?
November 5, 2010.

Has the #1 injector been checked? Also, have they driven the truck while having it connected to a scanner to see what is happening?

Your mass air flow sensor (MAF) is bad

Nov 7, 2010.
The MAF could be an issue. Try cleaning it to see if it takes care of the problem. They make a special cleaner for them. You can get it at most parts stores. Let me know if it makes a change.

We are checking the MAS now and will try it on the highway tonight.

Another Mechanic that has tried to diagnose it said that it feels like a coil, But which one. Apparently the codes don't come up very quick on Fords, Your Thoughts?

I haven't had a code come up since the one " Running at reduced power" late summer.
The Other thing that is funny, When running on cruise control it seems less violent.

Nov 29, 2010.
The MAF Apparently is OK,
Next issue is the Coils, a For Service manager said check the top of the coils as often they will crack if there is a bproblem.
Next The Plugs. They are supposed to be good for 100K but require servicing 3 times in that span and are a 3 part plug and require a special extractor to ensure you get them out. "Recommended Dealer Only" in case one does not come out cleanly.

Nov 29, 2010.
I could be a coil, but it should set the engine code and identify which cylender is causing the misfire.

There is no Evident Cracks showing on the coils, I guess the Next step is to take it to Ford to have the plugs checked.

I hate having to do that.
Any other ideas?

Nov 30, 2010.
Darrell: The only thing that has my attention is the #1 cylender. Has anyone checked the compression in that cylender? You could have a burnt valve. Also, if you remove the plug from that cylender, what does it look like? Has the crank sensor been checked? Finally, is the vehicle still under powertrain warranty?

Unfortunately No it's not, I am going to be taking it in to get that checked, and will ask to see what it looks like, Comp. And Crank Sensor. Apparently it has a 3 part plug that like to seize and I do not want to chance of it fracturing.
I would like to know why Specifically the #1?
I will post the results.

Dec 2, 2010.
I look forward to hearing from you.