2004 Ford F-150

Brakes problem
2004 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 90,000 miles

I have a 2004, F-150, 4X2 Supercrew Lariat, 5.4 V-8, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes. The vehicle has 90,000 miles. I tires replaced and while the truck was up on the lift I looked at the brake rotors and pads. The rotors and pads had normal wear but I knew that pads would need replacement within the next 10,000 miles. I asked the auto shop, a nation wide business that does tires, batteries, brakes, front-end alignments, and lube services, to measure the wear on the rotors. I was told that the rear rotors could be turned when I replaced the pads, but the front rotors on the truck cannot be turned because the wheel bearing are a sealed part of the rotor so when I replace the pads I would have to have new brake rotors installed. Is this true that the front rotors on 2004 F-150 trucks cannot be turned if there is normal wear and the thickness is within the limits?
January 8, 2010.

Your being hosed rotor simply pulls off hub on 4WD see diagram

Let me guess Firestone?

Jan 8, 2010.
Just had my front brakes done (04 F150 xlt, 70,000 miles), ran into the same situation and this came from my mechanic I have been using for many years. He started investigating and found it was a year Ford had a better idea and put a bunch of heave duty parts on the brake systems. He said there was no way to turn them and had to replace.

Jan 26, 2010.