2000 Ford F-150

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 147000 miles

I was driving home from my girlfriends house the other night when we had a snow storm come out of no where. I got caught in a drift, and tryed to do the whole " rocking" theory with my truck, reverse-drive, reverse-drive, etc. Well we left it there on the dirt road, and couldnt get it out that night. The next day we walked out there and there was a ton of snow underneath it. I started it up and tried doing the rocking theory again. Well we couldnt get it out either, so we waited till sunday, pulled it right out, but now when I drive it, it seems like it is having a hard time shifting, and shakes real bad. Even when im at a stoplight and let it idle it still shakes. The check engine light is on and im not able to take it to the shop for a couple of days. Would you have any idea what that is?
March 30, 2009.

Hi sorry you will have to have the codes checked but more then likely you got a coil plug wet remove the coils and dry boots blow out holes will prob be ok

Mar 31, 2009.