1997 Ford F-150

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1997 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 224000 miles

sometimes my check engine light comes on. When I look under the hood there will be water at the resivor where it has come out. I have replaced the themostat. When this happens the truck will go into the limp mode. Also the oil light will come on but it is full of oil.I can stop the engine and start it back and it runs fine but the check engine light stays on.I have also replaced the resivor cap.
Don chevrolet55
December 4, 2007.

First we're gonna need you to get your codes scanned. Go to a local parts store like autozone or checkers and have them pull the codes. Let me know what you come up with.

Dec 7, 2007.
Codes said check belt-ok. Checkfan-ok. Temp sensor-i dont see how the sensor can make water come out of the degass bottle. Since I posted mess. I have replaced water pump and fan clutch. Same thing.I am stumped

Don chevrolet55
Dec 19, 2007.
I am having the same problem, even the liquid out side of the resivoir, my truck has the 4.2 v6 tho. If you find a cause and or solution, please post it.

Apr 26, 2008.