1994 Ford F-150

I own a 94 f-150 2 wheel drive truck with dual fuel tanks. While driving the truck stalled. I transfered to the other tank and was able to restart the truck and drive. I noticed that I can not hear the fuel pump in the tank that I was driving on when it stalled but can on the working tank. I pulled the switch from the wiring harness and jumped the harness and I still obtain the small results the front tank works and the rear tank does not. Both fuel pumps were changed roughly 5 years ago when I had the same problem and it ended up being the dash switch that was the problem. Is there anything else I should check before draining the tank and replacing the fuel pump in the tank that is causing the problem such as relays or a fuse or fuse link?
November 5, 2006.

I would sure think that you could find the wiring for the pump on that tank and wire it directly to see if it functions.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 5, 2006.