1994 Ford F-150

Electrical problem
1994 Ford F-150 V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Alright so my boyfriend and i have a brake light problem and we were wondering how to fix it. Our front lights work when we pull the light switch no problem. However our rear lights do not. We had a friend of the family who is a mechanic take a look and he suggested that the issue was a switch issue. He rigged it up so that if we connect a little wire from one of the middle wires and connect it to the main 12volt wire then our rear lights work. We replaced the switch part, the item called a switch/commutateur interruptor like he suggested but that dose not seem to be the problem as we still have to use the wire rig that he set up to get our rear lights to work. My boyfriend thinks the problem is a wire issue so i was wondering how we should go about trying to fix it. If its fixable, or if we should take it to a mechanic. One of my boyfriends uncles said that he had a similar problem with his own truck and he couldnt figure out what the problem was and instead traded his truck in. It was also mentioned that our particular truck is know to have this unexplainable light problem so any suggestions would be helpful. The dome light also works fine. as do the dash lights but only when we have the brake lights rigged. You can find pictures of the rig and the part we replaced at the link below.
November 2, 2010.

Have you tried replacing the switch?

Was that not the part that we ordered. If it was then yes if not then the gentlemen at the car store gave me the wrong part.

Nov 6, 2010.
I just looked at your pictures. Yes, it was the headlight switch. If you are able to get them to work by jumping power to the right wire, then the problem has to be before the switch. There has to be a power supply that isn't working.

So we should be looking into the wiring then as opposed to switches. Thank you for your help. My guy said the same thing. Now we just need to get some money together so that we can take it to a shop because that is beyond either of our skills.

Nov 8, 2010.
Yes, I hate to say it, but that is where I feel the problem is. Let me know what you find.

Yes we have already done that

Nov 15, 2010.