1989 Ford F-150

Engine Performance problem
1989 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 118000 miles

hello there, ---, engine starts great---goes into high idle for a few seconds then when it comes down to the normal idle it just dies like you shut the key off.--- Restart---goes into high idle again ---comes down and dies on the 3rd restart it always keeps running after it comes off high idle. Runs great after this---speed is no problem. It acts as tho something needs to sence heat before proper operation---
thank you----don
July 31, 2009.

Maybe a faulty temp sensor on right front side intake. Also remove idle air by-pass solenoid and clean pential and passage way. Is check engine light on?
How many miles on plugs?
Let me know
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Jul 31, 2009.
Hi--cleaned idle by pass solenoid----(CRC ELECTRIC CLEANER) checked MAF sensor at auto zone--OK.---Will check temp. Sender --- found out that if I give just a little more RPM s to eng. While in high idle it will keep running so long as you hold it there at least 20 seconds before letting off.--- Still makes me think heat sensor.---Don PS-- this truck was in storage over 2 years when I bought it--wouldnt start till I installed new plugs---battery was dead when it was bought. Has not been driven more than 5 miles since bought---do you think that the computer needs a 15 or 20 mile drive to re-calibrate.---Runs great at hi RPM.----Don

Aug 8, 2009.
Ohm check temp sensor across terminals on sensor at 100 deg read 16150ohms at 194 deg read 2800 ohms. Disconnect battery for few minutes hook up and drive this should ECM to reset.

Aug 9, 2009.