1986 Ford F-150

I have a 1986 Ford F-150, 5.0L engine, the Miles are approx. 200 000.

I just changed out the starter as well as the solanoid a few months back, but now when I go to start the truck, I get the lights and all that come on, as well as a click from the solanoid, but the starter will not enguage. It will not even move at all. I tested the voltage across the starter (12V), but still no luck.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
July 7, 2007.

I also have an 86 f150 amd I had similar problems. I replaced starter, went through several soleniods, replacedstarter wire from battery to starter, then it started doing what you are saying. It may seem crazy but my battery post was not corroded but has a black film that had built up around it. I scraped it off to where it was silver in color and no problems since.

Jul 7, 2007.
Same thing has happened to me upon replacing the starter a couple of times. First, where are you checking voltage? I've found you can have the volts on the lead wire but not at the starter. If your new starter has a copper tab at the connection, place the lead above the tab and screw down. For some reason, I've found that if you " sandwich" the lead between the the copper tab and the starter housing, you don't get a solid enough connection. Also, follow the main battery ground cable to the bottom of the engine block and check that it is clean and tight. This has fixed my problem, as well.

Jul 18, 2007.