Ford Explorer

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLS 4 door 2 wheel drive with 73,000 miles and a v6 4.0 ohc motor. I had to replace the right rotor with a new one, and I replaced both front brake pads, which work fine. But when I start to take off or when I tested them and got up some speed my truck started to vibrate. Any help with this problem is appreciated. The truck never vibrated before changing the brakes.
August 3, 2006.

My guess is that the side that you did replace is either warped or not setting on the hub flush. Somtimes you get a new warped rotor. Rare, but possible. Should replace both rotors.

Thanks but I found out the problem once I replaced my right rotor because it was so bad I had to also replace the inner and outer wheel bearings. But thanks for the help

Aug 6, 2006.
There is somthing wrong here. That truck doesn't have an inner and outer wheel bearing. It has a wheel bearing that is part of the hub assy.

Whoever did the work should show you the old ones.

This is what you said: "the truck never vibrated before changing the brakes." Therefore the wheel bearings should have nothing to do with your vibration. I think somthing wasn't done right on the brake job the first time and someone's screw up was covered up afterwards.