Ford Explorer

1994 ford explorer xlt 137,000 miles
recently my truck when I start it will stall out. It has happened twice so far, but nevertheless it bugs me as to what it may be. The first time I drove it and it was fine, I drove it to the store. I turned it off. When I went to leave, it wouldnt start, it would shoot but not fire, as if the engine wasnt recieving any gas.

the second time this occured it started up fine, I put it in reverse to back out of my yard, and it stalled out. I started it again and had to repeatedly push on the gas pedal then it started.

could this be my fuel pump/filters? I was told there is a slight chance its my spark plugs so im going to check those tonight and buy new ones if thats the case.

any comment would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you very much.
April 11, 2007.

Well. If the truck stalls out intermittently chances are its not the plugs, but would be a good thing to check if they haven't been changed in 6,000 or so miles. It seems as though it could be a dirty filter. That would be one of the simpler things to change. Before going through the trouble of changing the fuel filter you should try a simple test by just turning on the key and listening for the fuel pump. I am not sure if your year of truck has two fuel pumps or not. If it does the easiest pump to listen for would be the inline fuel pump just under the driver side door. Its usually mounted on the inner side of the frame. Or you can also listen for the pump in the tank. Do this test a couple of times. If there is a time or two the pump(s) don't kick on it's pry your fuel pump relay. Thats usually a snap to replace.

Apr 11, 2007.
First off if you have worn electrodes on the plugs tou can experience these symtoms. Hard starting is a sign you need a tune up. Wires and all.I'm not saying you don't have a fuel pump problem but you CAN pressure test a fuel pum.

Apr 12, 2007.