Ford Explorer

I have a Cigarette Smoke problem in the used 2003 Explorer XLT I just purchased. Any suggestions how to eradicate? Is there a Cabin Filter in this model, and if so, where is it? Thanks!
December 23, 2006.

You can try changing the cabin air filter, an old trick that I have done in the past is put cups of white vinegar in the floorboards and close the car up. The white vinegar smell kills the smell of the smoke while the smoke smell kills the vinegar smell. I friend showed me this trick in his house where the smoked 5 packs a day and you couldn't smell smoke at all. Good luck and hope it help, Merry Christmas


Dec 24, 2006.
Sometimes these filters are listed, but not always used on all models. It drives me crazy to spend 15 minutes geeting to them to find out there isn't one there. : Evil: Generally they are behind the glove compartment or accessible through the wiper cowl area. I would call the dealer and ask them.