92 4X4

1992 Ford Explorer

92 Ford explorer 4 wheel drive, 4.0 V6 engine.
About a year ago I put a 3 inch body lift on the explorer so I could fit some super swampers on it. I drove great after the mods. No shimmy no shake. About a month ago the front end started shaking, you could feel it in the steering wheel. So I went and had the tires balanced. That helped a little but not a lot. Next I checked the wheel bearings in the front. They were bad so I replaced those, the rotors, brakes and I put a new set of shocks on. The truck drove great. Now here is the problem it only drove good for about 200 miles and then the shakiness slowly started coming back. Today I noticed that when I reverse the truck and then go ahead it makes the front end wobble from right to left at about 35 mph. When I say wobble I mean I couldn't hardly hold on to the steering wheel. Please help me I am running out of ideas.
March 26, 2007.

Drag link and tie rod ends. Also check the Radius Arm bushings

Mar 26, 2007.
Also the bigger the tire the grater the wear. On ALL parts! Brakes included!

Mar 26, 2007.