2004 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem
2004 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

Dear God where do I start. Ok, While driving home on the fwy in stop and go traffic my car all the sudden turned off the O/D. I drove it in 3rd gear for about 100 miles thereafter. Got it home to fix the O/D switch and change the tranny fluid. When attempting to start it up and drive it onto the ramps, it would not start. Since then I replaced the battery (which needed to be done) and the starter, and now the car won't start. I can't even address the O/D and transmission fluid until I get it running again. What do I do?
Drew Flichtbeil
July 29, 2009.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

You will need to have the vehicle plugged into a diagnostic computer to locate any fault codes which will pinpoint where the fault lies ? repost with the codes for an explanation and repair information !!

hope this helps

Dave H
Jul 29, 2009.
On my 2004 Ford Explorer, 2WD, 4.0, 6cyl, I see a grey fuse in my fuse box marked 12V. Is this my ignition fuse? Could it be bad? Also, do you have a diagram of the fuse box? I bought the vehicle used and it did not come with the manual.

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Drew Flichtbeil
Aug 1, 2009.
We need the codes to see what the original fault was .. and to see if this is in someway causing the non start ?? .. I did say repost with the codes and I will assist you in the repair !! .... if you cannot get the vehicle to a repair centre to read the codes then most autoparts store's will be able to supply an OBDII scan tool ... A scan tool is a vital tool for todays DIY mechanic ??

You have not explained how the vehicle is not starting ?? is it cranking and not firing ... is it just totally dead .. nothing happening on turning the key ...we need as much detail as possible to assist ??

there are three fuse boxes on your vehicle .. you didn't say which fuse box you are looking in .. so I have included a diagram of the engine/motor compartment fuse box please supply the number of the fuse you are looking at ??

When reposting please supply as much detail as possible !!


Dave H
Aug 3, 2009.
I fixed the ignition problem. Now, how do I refill the transmission fluid? I bought a pump, but where do I pump it into?

Drew Flichtbeil
Aug 5, 2009.