2003 Ford Explorer

Engine Performance problem
2003 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

After a night of -5 degrees the SUV wouldn't start. I had just 2 days before added fuel injector cleaner after I filled up from a dead empty tank(thanks to wife). The second day of it not running I checked the oil, it had fuel in it, a lot. I asked 2 different mechanics they said sounds like fuel injector problem. So I replaced them and the spark plugs, blew out the excess gas from the ports and changed the oil.(Spark from plugs is good) Before that it would only crank. Now it turns over after cranking for a few seconds but just won't start. Someone said maybe PCM is commanding to much from the injectors but I am getting no reading from OBD II scan. I am at a loss. HELP Battery only reads 12.34 and I know it should be 12.6 but the battery has been checked 3 times on machines and it keeps reading good.
January 26, 2009.

HAve you checked the fuel pressure?

IF there is too much pressure the regulator may be bad.