2003 Ford Explorer

Electrical problem
2003 Ford Explorer 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

My power windows recently stopped working so I replaced the fuse which fixed it for a day. The next day the windows would only work if the driver door was open and now it will only work if the driver door is fully open and I wiggle the wires in the hinge area. None of the other switches on the other doors will work either.
May 28, 2008.

Try to hit your window with your palm while you push the up/down button of that window. If it rolls up or down. You definitely have a defective window regulators of both rear doors.
Ford mistakenly designed those regulators without the top wheel on a rear regulator. It replaced with a slide bar to drive the cable that got jamed up during the weather change.
Unfortunately, Ford does not want to be claimed and it will not pay for its mistakes.
If you have this problem, you got to replace the window regulator.

May 30, 2008.
I have a 2003 that did the same thing and there was a wire broke in side the rubber boot in the door jam

Jun 9, 2008.