2003 Ford Explorer

Computer problem
2003 Ford Explorer 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 43000 miles

I have a 2003 ford explorer with 43,000 miles. Original battery.
The door ajar warning indicator comes on when all doors are shut. The doors don't lock automatically when put in drive. The security lights and overhead lights remain on longer than normal after locking doors. The key pad works to unlock the doors but not when you unlock doors. Lately, my battery has been dead, but, jumpable. Is the electrical problems draining my battery or does the battery need to be replaced? Is my electrical problem easily fixable. Thank you.
June 5, 2008.

Yes and yes. Replace the battery and spray wd40 on all door latches and open and shut each door very fast several times to get the wd40 to work itself in. There are switches at the door latches that can bind causing the lights to stay on. ***Its usually the door thats least used. ******Dont spray grease into latches, wd40 only.

Jun 5, 2008.