2001 Ford Explorer

Engine Performance problem
2001 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

I own a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. Transmission was rebuilt 1/10/08 at 88956 Mileage. Had last oil and filter change on 12/30/08 at 97175. Planning to have another oil change now. However wondering if I should get a Tune Up instead? Does the fact that I have a rebuilt transmission change the intervals at which I should get tune ups?
August 14, 2009.

The phrase, " Tune up" has gained new meaings and evolved into confusion.

You are to define periodic car care into maintenence intervals. That is, eliminate the term, see what is needed and when.

Change the spark plugs in less they have been done in the past 40,000 miles. Take one out and look at it and check the gap. Fuel filter every 30-35000 miles, air induction cleaning every 20,000 miles, Oil change every 3 months/3000 miles depending on circumstances. 5000 miles is quite a bit. Transmission filter every 30-35,000 miles. So plan on it in 10,000 miles. Differential fluid every 60,000. Keeping the brake fluid and power steering fluid fresh is a good idea. I drain the reserviors of both and put new fluid in at oil changes. Cheaper alternative to flushing the systems periodically. Tire rotation 5-8000 miles. Tires on these should be replaced in a complete set as a difference in circumference/tread pattern can affect the drivetrain. Granted I never scrutinized this, but it is an accepted industry statement. I've seen mix/matched tires on 4wds in the past.

Coolant flush every 3 years. Air filter as needed- hold it to the light if you can see light, tap it out gently and re-install. Lube chassis every 3000 if fittings are present.

I think that covers it.

Service Writer.
This is exactly what I was seeking. Thank you for this detail. This is so much more helpful than just gauging every 10K or 15K, or 30K for TuneUps.

Aug 14, 2009.